There's a difference between hunger and intelligence."

Adegboyega first introduced the concept of an Economic Development Centre (EDC) over 10 years ago where he housed 2 young people who were both aged 15 years old at the time and has continued to do so over the years. Adegboyega takes on the role of a father and mentor; positions that are usually missing from the lives of many young people globally and not only to those who live with him. He currently houses 20 people and has duplicated this very same template across various areas of London with over 150 young people being housed through the Nation Family. These EDCs are led and managed by sacrificial young men and women, all of which have received and still continue to receive mentorship, guidance and support from Adegboyega. They in turn, pass down the knowledge and lessons they are taught, continuously creating leaders in the most unlikely of young people.


Through this approach, young men who would normally be incarcerated or involved in a range of illegal activities are taught how to change their mindsets and look beyond the barriers that were originally set for them. Young women who were destined for a mediocre lifestyle can learn how to be inspirational power players in a range of industries and mother figures to the next generation after them.

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The EDCs have the primary aim of creating leaders and problem solvers. The environment, access and knowledge every young person in each home is exposed to allow new ways of thinking to be born. Thinking that has no barriers. Adegboyega, who leads by example, has housed over 150 people alone over the last 15 years, with up to 15 people living with him at any one time. Aside from those who live with Pastor Tobi Adegboyega, he accommodates tens and tens of people on a day-to-day basis. Adegboyega has practised a life of transparency for over 10 years where he has opened up his home and allowed access to many. Nothing is hidden, and nothing is kept to himself. 


The EDCs are all about family. Adegboyega brings together the most unlikely of people from different backgrounds and unifies them through his vision of seeing prosperity amongst young people globally. Without family, there cannot be movement.


Established in 2015, the Connect community is a hub that provides support to young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. The hub has been able to save the government millions of pounds having diverted many young people from a life of crime and gang activity. Overall, Connect Collective has helped over 2,000 young people in Croydon and neighbouring boroughs in South London with the aim to grow the next generation of future leaders, always at the centre of what they do.


Established in 2013, the Connect Community is a hub that provides social and business support to young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. Birthed from a shared bereavement through knife crime, they aim to help those that have suffered the effects of crime, both directly and indirectly, within their community. Overall, Connect Collective has helped over 2,000 young people in Croydon and neighbouring boroughs in South London and aims to grow the next generation of future leaders.


The Elite Community focuses on searching out unidentified leaders and raising them as strong, accountable examples in society, who will build and impact the next generation. Elite is also focused on crime reduction, mentorship and rehabilitation.


Powerbase is a community of forward-thinking individuals striving to win in every area of life, where members are exposed to opportunities that enable them to be catalysts for change. With boundless innovation, the Powerbase strive to be progressive change agents in their community. With members excelling in business, healthcare, government, culinary, fashion, social entrepreneurship and more. Through its various endeavours, the social enterprise arm which tackles global challenges to combat poverty through economic empowerment. Powerbase now comprises of young business owners, medical professionals, talented musicians and many other exceptional individuals who through Powerbase have learnt to utilise their skills for impactful change.


Pulse Community is a social enterprise operating multiple community units across the United Kingdom. Led by two young leaders who specialise in blockchain and finances, they work with individuals between the ages of 13-30 who are either unemployed, not in education or struggling to improve their quality of life. Their aim is to actively bring positive changes to boroughs and areas; especially for young people through the implementation of community mentors. These mentors help to reshape the minds of young people and restructure what is considered normal within many of these boroughs and areas. Special focus is given to areas that are deemed ‘disadvantaged.’