Tobi Adegboyega’s wealth creation campaign to raise 100 millionaires

The wealth creation campaign of philanthropist Pastor Tobi Adegbeyoga is forging ahead with plans to raise 100 millionaires by the end of 2022.

Over the years, Adegboyega has a proven track record of creating successful multi-millionaires globally.

He has spent well over 17 years building communities and raising leaders in London, especially, many of whom are Crypto traders, entrepreneurs and business owners in leading industries such as E-commerce, logistics, and beauty.

These beneficiaries, in turn, can provide mentorship to aspiring business owners through industry-specific communities of this Wealth Creation Programme.

Wealth Nxtion is the wealth-building arm of ‘The Nxtion Family’, a London-based Pentecostal ministry founded by Adegboyega. It was handed over to one of his proteges.

This drive is part of the Wealth Nxtion agenda to create a wealth-centric community where people will be empowered to create wealth.

On what wealth meant to him, the philanthropist noted that wealth is getting to a stage where you never have to say “no”.

His words, “If God wants you to do something like heal someone of Malaria or help a million children go to school, whatever the need you are always able to say yes.”

Over the last six months, Adegboyega and Wealth Nxtion have given out N8 million to 60 budding entrepreneurs and professionals with ideas spanning from farming, CryptoCurrency, fashion and a handful of others.

During one of the live Wealth Nxtion pitches, two lucky winners from Nigeria and Zimbabwe were selected and paired with mentors to help take their businesses to the next level.

Meanwhile, Samuel Akokhia, a multi-millionaire Pastor and business mentor who was successfully raised in ministry and wealth creation under Adegboyega’s leadership over the last decade, sees wealth as the empowerment of others.

He recounted his experience when he regained freedom from prison while in his early 20s.

Fortune smiled at him sooner than he expected after he was introduced to Adegboyega. Today, he employs many and puts food on the tables of others consistently.

Through his Nation Building and Wealth Creation through Leadership and Mentorship programme, Adegboyega assured newsmen, “We will do more. We will have created hundreds of millionaires by the end of the year”.

With a quest to raise 100 millionaires by the end of this year, he added, “We are just starting. We will do more, and we will have created hundreds of millionaires by the end of the year. Let’s make our continent great, with wealth”.

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