Philanthropist to make 100 millionaires by end 2022

Philanthropic pastor and founder of The Nxtion Family, Pastor Tobi Adegboyega, has said his goal for this year is to produce 100 millionaires by the end of 2022.


The Nxtion Family is a popular Pentecostal ministry based in London, United Kingdom, which also operates a socio-economic empowerment arm called Wealth Nxtion, a non-governmental organisation, NGO, which has over the last 17 years established a proven global track record of building communities and producing successful millionaires, who operate as crypto-traders, entrepreneurs and business owners in industries such as E-Commerce, Logistics, Beauty and Personal Care Products distribution, sales and marketing.

His protégés are in turn providing mentorship to aspiring business owners through industry specific communities of the wealth creation programme run under the aegis of Wealth Nxtion.

As Sunday Sun learnt, the singular focus and agenda of the NGO is “to create a wealth-centric community where people will be empowered to create wealth.”

Responding to a question on what wealth means for him, Adegboyega said: “Wealth is getting to a stage where you never have to say “No.” When God wants you to do something, as a pastor, if God wants you to cure malaria or help a million children go to school, whatever the need, you are to always say yes.”

In the last six months, Wealth Nxtion has given out N68 million to 60 budding entrepreneurs and professionals with ideas spanning from farming, crypto-currency to fashion and many more.

During one of the live Wealth Nxtion business ideas pitching sessions, two lucky winners from Nigeria and Zimbabwe where selected and paired with mentors to help them take their businesses to the next level.

Notably, Samuel Akokhia, who has become a multi-millionaire and business mentor, was successfully raised in ministry and wealth creation under Pastor Tobi’s leadership over the last decade.

Commenting also, Akokhia defined wealth as “the empowerment of others.” Citing his experience, he said that he was introduced to Pastor Tobi in his early-20s not long after he came out of prison and was unemployed.

Through the empowerment initiative of Wealth Nxtion, many young people with drive, dedication, enterprise and discipline have built successful ventures, creating employment opportunities that enable tens of hundreds put food on the table for their families.

Beyond cash-based empowerment, Pastor Adegboyega is actively contributing to nation building and leadership development through mentoring.

“We will do more. We will have created hundreds of millionaires by the end of the year” Adegboyega assured, noting that the impact of Wealth Nxtion is being felt across the African continent, Europe, the Americas and Asia.

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