Despite being born and spending his formative years in Nigeria, Adegboyega has made an impressionable mark in the United Kingdom. He has also caused a global impact in numerous countries around the world including, Nigeria, the United States of America, Brazil, Russia, Ukraine and Thailand. One of his most recent projects in Africa ‘feeding the 5,000’, helped to improve the lives of many people living in Nigeria during the pandemic. As the nation of Nigeria went on lockdown – something that quite frankly, it couldn’t afford, many people were left without jobs and a means to make money for the food and necessities they so desperately required. Adegboyega provided food and essential supplies to thousands of families largely within Lagos, Nigeria.


Since 2005, Adegboyega has pursued only one thing - how to solve the problems he saw. He has gained the trust of thousands upon thousands of young people purely because he has sacrificed for them. This is the very same pattern followed by the young leaders of Nation Family globally.



The community has always been at the centre of everything Adegboyega does.

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Our greatest investment will always be people. We invest in people through leadership and mentorship, demonstrating a new lifestyle to those without hope and providing them with a platform and opportunities. We identify an area of need, and we ensure that we find a solution - especially in places where we can have the most impact. The issues we engage with are not new issues, but we approach them with a new way of thinking to bring about change.



In 2019 in the United Kingdom, Nation Family saved over 201.6 million GBP in potential homicide fees through the 63+ knives surrendered. In the very same year, we trained over 2,600 young people and employed 350 of them through businesses birthed from Nation Family. Amongst providing career opportunities, Adegboyega has made it possible for many to receive an education they wouldn’t normally have access to which includes a young excelling student from a reduced-income household in London, enabling him to attend Harvard University after being offered a place.

Adegboyega partnered with NEFORA following the Coronavirus pandemic to help those in need during the height of the virus.  Through the partnership, Nation Family and NEFORA were able to supply food and equipment to over 5,000 people in Nigeria including junior staff working for customs and immigration and 40 mosques in Ibadan. During the pandemic, though imperative, face masks and hand sanitiser weren’t the only necessities required. With the entire country on lockdown, many were left without a source of income and even worse, those that were already struggling to get by only faced more hardship.


Nation Family also mobilised assorted relief materials which were allocated to the most deprived and populated communities and villages in Nigeria, Ghana and Tanzania. Adegboyega distributed to each household to include litres of hand sanitisers, face masks and latex gloves. In efforts to alleviate the precipice of a water catastrophe, Adegboyega also intends to build more boreholes for clean water similar to the ones he built in 2019 in Makoko, Nigeria. The same gesture was replicated in some states of the UK and Europe. 


In the UK as the pandemic left many people furloughed or redundant, Nation Family were able to provide supermarket vouchers to 100 families nationwide.

Prior to the pandemic, Adegboyega has supported Nigeria and numerous other African countries with mentorship, finances, and healthcare.



Nation Family has birthed five community groups across various areas of London engaging with hundreds of young people on a daily basis. Each community hub operates in areas with the lowest level of opportunities and the highest level of crime, as well as other aspects that accompany poverty. The community hubs have engaged with over 15,000 young people over two years averaging between the ages of 12 and 30 years old. All five groups are self-funded and rely on the donations of its leaders and reinvestments from the businesses and schemes they have helped to start up. Each community hub offers:


  • Mentorship and counselling for young people

  • Educational tutoring and work experience

  • Career training and employment assistance

  • Rehabilitation assistance for gangs and those involved in crime

  • Financial investments into start-up businesses

  • Financial investments into career programmes for young people

  • General welfare and accommodation